Integrate Rich Media APIs With Foundation for Apps



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Course Description

Foundation for Apps connects a responsive front-end design framework to the power and flexibility of AngularJS. In this course, you’ll learn to build three different apps that connect to major rich-media services: an app that searches and plays YouTube videos, an app that plays audio tracks from SoundCloud, and an app to search and view pictures from Instagram.

What You’ll Learn

  • Set up an Angular service for retrieving YouTube videos using their API.
  • Configure Gulp to work with your custom build process.
  • Create a homepage controller and view, and a display page.
  • Create a Foundation app to interface with the SoundCloud API.
  • Create an app and a service to connect to the Instagram API.

About the Instructor

Reginald Dawson is a longtime network admin who has finally moved over to coding. Skilled in web development and obsessed with frameworks (Angular, Meteor and Ionic to name a few), he is using his past experience as an instructor to help others learn to use technology.

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