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Course Description

Learn the basics of functional programming in JavaScript. You’ll take a small, mostly imperative website and refactor it using practical declarative and functional concepts. You’ll learn about pure functions, side-effects and declarative style while building a small functional utility library. The project will demonstrate how Underscore or Lodash functions like filter, map, and reduce really work. Focused on practical understanding over philosophy, this is a great basic intro to functional programming that will prepare you for deeper exploration.

What You’ll Learn

  • How the functional style of programming works in JavaScript.
  • What declarative style is, and how to make your filter declarative.
  • Working with higher-order functions and pure functions.
  • How to build your own utility library, and how to use popular libraries like Underscore and Lodash.
  • Put it all into practice by building a project: a simple filtering function for a website displaying a list of beers.

About the Instructor

Jason Rhodes is a Javascript developer in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.You can connect with him on Twitter or GitHub.

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